We specialize in the following:
Including spur, worms,worm gears, helical and bevel.
Produced from a wide variety of materials to almost any specification. Metric and standard pitches.

Including duplex, shear pin, stock bore, split hub and precision roller chain.
Capabilities include special bores, machine cutting, milled
slots, mounting holes, etc.

Timing/Grip Belt Pulleys:
In sizes and configurations to suit any application

Precision cams such as barrel, index and hub in various
materials and finishes.

Machining Capabilities:
Equipment and experience to machine almost any type of
casting.   We do Pump Housings, Motor Boxes, Bearing
Housings, Fixtures, Specialized Plates, Brackets, etc...from
foundry castings or other materials.

Shafts and Journals:
Studs, Shafts, Rolls and Journals in a wide range of sizes and
configurations, machined to precision tolerances.

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